Every care that helps you get well and stay well

From preventive care to chronic disease management, North has you covered with a range of services and support options.

Everyday Care

Cold, flu, headache or any of these common symptoms? We've got you covered and will provide the care you need from the comfort of your home or any of our locations

HeadacheStomach pain/acheCold & fluUrinary tract infectionsHair loss managementPeriodic screeningsPrescription renewalsSpecialist referral requests

Answers to all your questions

We are making it easier to get answers to your questions about your health. Stop using Google search, we will make it easier for find the answer that you need

Best post-pill to use?Does slimming tea work?Best food to eat to lose weight?How can I know the genotype of my baby?I have depression, what should I do?How can I lose weight without doing anything?

Women’s health

All the care you need as a woman from period management to periodic screenings and child birth is delivered through North

Period managementBirth controlIVF and assisted conceptionAntenatal carePeriodic screeningsInfection managementSexual Health

Chronic Care

Chronic diseases can be hard to manage or prevent on your own. Our team delivers a personalized and continuous support for you through your care journey.

Heart diseases managementDiabetes managementCancer prevention and managementObesity and weight managementDepression managementAnxiety management

Preventive Care

We work with you to create a sustainable wellness plan that works

Periodic screeningsRisk assessmentPrescription managementHealth promotion

Sexual Health

Get the care and advice you need on sexual health relationships and reproductive health

ScreeningsUrinary tract infectionsBirth control selectionPre/Post exposure prophylaxisYeast InfectionsGenital warts

At North, we believe in personalised healthcare that meets your unique needs and goals. Unlike traditional clinics, where patients may feel like just a number, at North, you're an individual who is at the centre of your own healthcare journey.

North helps thousands of people feel better and stay healthy.

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